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Meet The Team

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Lewis Kalmbach


       Lewis is a proud Shreveport native and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. At the ambitious age of 23, Lewis founded his own advertising agency, Kalmbach Advertising, Inc., which was prosperous in both Shreveport and San Francisco markets.

       He has owned Pick Flower Gallery, an art gallery and florist studio located in St. Louis. He was a founding member and one of the directors to Artist's Transit, an edgy art group and art gallery held at the Central Railroad Station from 1984 - 1987.

       Another artistic endeavor by Lewis was the creation of Artport, an annual art show featuring over 100 artists held at the Shreveport Regional Airport. Artists at Artport created tiles which were auctioned off for an AIDS fundraiser benefitting the Philadelphia Center, a local HIV/AIDS research center. This was the Philadelphia Center's first public fundraiser.

       Lewis has traveled the world to learn more about different cultures and to gain artistic inspiration. He was a freelance writer for The Shreveport Times with travel articles titled "Where in the World is Lewis?" where he visited New Zealand, Argentina, Thailand, and the Czech Republic among many others. After spending many years in advertising, Lewis continued to have a passion for art and design. He has since renovated homes, mainly in the Mid Century Modern style, in Louisiana, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, and even in Argentina. Some of his design projects are displayed in the "Interiors" tab of our website. 

       Lewis decided to open up Big Sun Studios to give back to his beloved community. He lives in an original Wiener Brothers home with his partner of nearly 30 years, Greg, and son Jasper.

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Kelly M. Ward

Gallery Director

       Kelly was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela to a Brazilian mother and American father. She spent time in Venezuela and Rio de Janeiro before moving to Louisiana at the age of five.

       In the fall of 2014, Kelly continued her education at Louisiana State University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Art History. Upon graduation, she was awarded a teaching assistantship at the LSU School of Art, where she pursued and graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Art History.

       Kelly first wanted to enter a career in museum communications, but after an internship at the LSU Museum of Art, she was exposed to the essential world of museum collections, registrar work, and art conservation which deeply interests her.

       She wrote her master’s thesis on an important but widely unknown artist, Jean Despujols, who died in her hometown of Shreveport and whose work she believes is thought-provoking, controversial, and beautiful. His prolific Indochina Collection of over 350 paintings, sketches, and watercolors is housed at the Meadows Museum on the campus of Centenary College.

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